Wednesday 1 June 2016

T-40 Roof Armour

"Minutes of a technical meeting at the Podolsk factory on January 19th, 1941, on the issue of thickening part 02-5 from 6 mm to 9 mm

  • From factory #37:
    • Bureau #1 chief, Astrov
    • Senior designer: Bogachev
  • From Ordzhonikidze factory: Zasulskiy, Svet, Golikov, Poliovskiy, Karapetyants
  • From GABTU:
    • Military Engineer 1st Grade, Belov
    • Military Engineer 3rd Grade, Minin

Agree that the thickness of the hull roof is insufficient at 6 mm and does not provide proper robustness and precision of turret installation.

Consider it necessary to increase the thickness to 9 mm. Ordzhonikidze factory must develop blueprints of a 9 mm thick roof and turret ring by February 2nd, 1941. It is also acceptable to alter the turret ring with the condition that the turret is still compatible.

The increase in mass of 17 kg is compensated by: Ordzhonikidze factory lightening parts of the hull by 9 kg, factory #37 lightening components by 8 kg. 

In connection with the increased weight of the hull roof and turret ring, the QA hull weight will have to be changed. 

Due to changes to hull 0-10 in 1941, the hull increased in mass by 9 kg. Factory #37 takes it upon itself to reduce the weight by 4 kg by reducing the weight of its components. Podolsk factory will take the remaining 5 kg out of the weight of the hull.


Belov: agreed on the condition that the overall weight of the vehicle is still 5500 kg."

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