Tuesday 28 June 2016

I am Rubber, You are Glue

"For rapid transfer of enemy experience of materials and designs in the field of rubber into domestic production, I propose that the People's Commissar of Rubber Production be given the following samples"

  1. Automobile, aircraft, and motorcycle tires (tires and tubes).
  2. Tires and bogeys of tanks, artillery, and tractors.
  3. Various rubber parts of automobiles, aeroplanes, and engines (liners, O-rings, covered tubes, tanks, magneto elements, hoses, etc).
  4. Various rubber components of naval armament (torpedo launchers, flood hole valves, submarines and torpedo boats).
  5. Individual chemical protection (gas masks for men and horses, boot covers, gloves, hoof covers, protective clothing of all types).
  6. Military engineering items (inflatable pontoons, boats, individual flotation devices: belts, vests, life preservers, etc).
  7. Airborne items: barrage balloons, observation balloons, etc.
Aside from samples that have been worn into disuse but could still be used to study their design and materials from which they were made, transfer a small amount of working samples for trials.

Schedules and order of the transfer will be confirmed with the People's Commisar of Rubber Production.

Execute by September 10th, 1941.

Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, Chief of the Red Army General Staff, Marshall of the Soviet Union, B. Shaposhnikov."

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