Monday 5 September 2016

Iron Discipline 2: Discipline Harder

"1st Mountain Infantry Division
11th Army

Division headquarters, August 8th, 1941

Divisional Order
Based on Corps order #47 issued on July 31st, 1941
  1. Discipline
    Several times, I have witnessed the following scenario: a covered up light car passes traveling troops or drives towards them, paying no attention to the dust that is being kicked up, which makes movement of troops difficult.
    The car is packed with a disorganized pile of briefcases, covered with a stolen mattress, with bottles of wine and other goods sticking out.
    It is obvious that these scenes offend and enrage fighting units.
    I demand that all commanders combat this behaviour in a decisive manner.
  2. Dogs
    Head command categorically prohibited taking along any dogs, with an exception made for especially rare breeds of hunting dogs. Since then, every single dog I encounter is allegedly a valuable hunting dog.
    I order that only dogs with documents stating that they are valuable hunting dogs are allowed. These documents can be issued only for well trained dogs, for owners who have owned dogs for a long time and have significant experience in handling them. NCOs do not qualify.
  3. Promotions
    1. Lieutenant Colonel von Teisen, commander of the 111th Battalion, 98th Mountain Infantry Regiment, is appointed commander of the 13th Mountain Infantry Regiment, effective on August 1st, 1941. Ordered by Army Supreme Command, Human Resources department, 2nd division (A) August 1st, 1941.
  4. Issue of Automobiles
    High command asked to communicate the following order to subordinate units:
    "The amount of vehicles breaking down has reached an unacceptable degree. The cause of these breakdowns is excessively fast driving over bad and unpaved roads. The established speeds (item 442 in Supreme Command Order #39) must be decreased. It will be possible to reduce required repairs by 50% if:
    1. The speed of driving is chosen according to road conditions.
    2. Cars are not overloaded.
      Commanders of all ranks must ensure that at no time are cars driven faster than the conditions of the road allow. In cases of disobedience, take decisive measures and punish offenders.
Approved: Kopp
Signed: Lanz

Translated: Technician-Intendant 1st Class Borisova
Approved: Senior Lieutenant Ozeretskovskiy"

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  1. The exasperated "ffs guys" tone of these amuses me to no end.