Thursday 1 September 2016


"To comrade I.V. Stalin

A group of designers at SKB-36 of the People's Commissariat of Oil (comrades Ostrovskiy and Grigoryan), under orders from the GAU, designed and tested an 82 mm anti-tank rifle and the rocket propelled HEAT projectile for it: the RBG-82.

During proving grounds trials, experimental prototypes of RBG-82 grenades demonstrated satisfactory precision at 200 meters and were capable of completely penetrating 150 mm of armour at 30 degrees.
The obtained results show that the proposed design of an 82 mm rocket propelled anti-tank rifle can be effectively used against enemy tanks, SPGs, and other armoured vehicles.

To conduct battlefield trials of the proposed RBG-82 grenades and make a decision regarding their use in the Red Army, I propose this GOKO decree draft to produce 2000 grenades.

We ask for your decision. A sample of the anti-tank rifle and a hull of a grenade is attached.

L. Beria
B. Vannikov
N. Yakovlev
October 26th, 1944"

RGASPI 644-2-409

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  1. Мда, слишком поздно. Такое бы оружие под Курском иметь.