Wednesday 28 September 2016

T-46 Teletank

"Order #003 from the Chief of Armament and Technical Supplies of the RKKA
June 2nd, 1936

In order to ensure the timely production of the T-46 telemechanical tank this year, I order that:
  1. The Chief of the RKKA Technical Directorate, Divisional Engineer comrade Bordovskiy, must manage technical assistance and cooperation from the Kirov factory and Voroshilov factory in Leningrad, as well as the Leningrad branch of the Budyonniy Military Communication Academy in the development of prototypes.
    For this, send Military Engineer 1st Class comrade Belov, and Military Engineer 2nd Class comrade Saharov to Leningrad on June 1st, instructing comrade Belov to manage technical aid during design and production of the prototypes.
  2. The chief of the Budyonniy Military Communication Academy, Divisional Engineer comrade Polischuk must send four military engineers to the Voroshilov and Kirov factories on June 1st, including comrades Markov and Kosovich for technical assistance to the aforementioned factories during the design and assembly process, working under the general direction of comrade Belov.
  3. The Chief of the Red Army Chemical Directorate, Corps Engineer Friedman, must issue and send to the Voroshilov and Kirov factories one KS-25 chemical device each to arm the T-46 teletanks no later than June 10th of this year.
  4. Red Army ABTU Chief comrade Bokis should propose to regional engineers of Leningrad factories that they should assist comrade Belov in his objective to begin production of the T-46 tank as soon as possible.
Chief of Armament and Technical Supplies of the RKKA, Army Commander 2nd Grade, Khalepskiy"

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