Monday 12 September 2016

Post-War Production

"State Committee of Defense Decree #9488ss
July 9th, 1945
Moscow, Kremlin
  1. In order to increase the number of tanks in the Red Army to its authorized strength and create a 3000 tank Stavka reserve, it is necessary to preserve the production levels from June of this year for a term to be determined in the future.
  2. Production of heavy ISU-152 SPGs for armament of heavy tank regiments of combined arms armies will be preserved, as their HE performance is much higher than of 122 mm guns.
  3. Refill Red Army units to their authorized strength in the following order:
    1. Occupational forces (comrades Zhukov, Konev, Rokossovskiy, and Tolbukhin).
    2. Border military districts.
    3. Internal military districts.
  4. Heavy tank regiments in combined arms armies should consist of the following tanks:
    1. One battalion of IS-122 or ISU-122 tanks.
    2. Two battalions of ISU-152s.
  5. Begin the creation of a 3000 tank Stavka reserve only after the rest of the Red Army has been brought up to authorized strength.
  6. In order to fill 30 new mechanized divisions, build 7500 additional vehicles:
    1. IS: 1320
    2. ISU-122: 630
    3. T-34 and T-44: 5550
  7. In connection with the fact that the military still has up to 5000 working tanks that arrived at the front lines before April 1st, 1945, that still has a reserve of less than 70 engine-hours, as well as 4900 tanks that require medium or major repairs, it is important to retain the production of tank diesel engines at the level of June 1945 until January of 1946.
    Of the 4900 vehicles that require medium or major repairs, 2805 should be repaired and returned to the army, 1000 should be sent to training units, schools, and academies, and 1095 tanks should be retained as a reserve at factories.
Chair of the State Committee of Defense, I. Stalin."

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