Wednesday 14 September 2016

T-30 Towing Trials

"Record of 010 tow hook trials

1. Object under trial

The "010" tank with two front tow hooks. The tow hooks are positioned 120 mm away from the side of the hull, as the same height as the existing production tow hook.

2. Objective of trials
  1. Determine the robustness of the front plate when two tow hooks are installed.
  2. Determine the convenience of towing an uncontrolled tank with two tow hooks installed.
3. Methodology of trials
  1. Brakes were activated on the tank under trial. In addition, another 010 tank was hooked to its rear hook, its brakes also active. The slack between the two tanks was measured in advance.
    The two braked tanks were towed by two more 010 tanks.
    When accelerating rapidly, both two tow cables from the 010 tank and the Komsomolets tractor chain were torn.
    When accelerating gradually, both towing tanks had their tracks slip.
  2. When towing a tank with two front tow hooks, it was established that towing (given two tow cables) is possible and more convenient than using one tow hook.
4. Conclusions

During trials of tow hooks, no defects or breakdowns of the front plate were observed, despite several tears of tow cables (both simultaneously) and tow chains."

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