Tuesday 15 November 2016


"RE: contract for an electric mine clearing tank

Attachment to letter #6213

Notes from the Kirov factory regarding the electric mine clearing tank:
  1. The estimated cost of completing the project is 1,500,000 rubles.
    This sum includes the tank (523,000 rubles), the generators (750,000 rubles), drafting of blueprints, laboratory work, production and installation of parts, testing the prototype, and repairs after trials.
    The sum specified in the draft of the contract (750,000 rubles) is insufficient and must be corrected.
  2. Payment must be made as soon as each production step is complete. Paragraph 2 section 4 must be excluded. The wording of paragraph 3 section 5 and paragraph 1 section 11 must be altered to reflect this.
  3. Paragraph 1 section 8 must be worded in the following way: "In case the prototype deadline is missed, the supplier pays the customer a fine of 0.05% of the cost of the prototype per day. On the tenth day, the payment of fines ceases and the supplier pays a fine of 1% of the cost.
  4. Section 8 must contain an additional subsection 7: "In case of an unfounded refusal to accept the bill, the customer must pay the supplier a fine in the amount of 3% of the bill."

The tank in question is the Object 218: an electric mine clearing tank on the KV-2 chassis.

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