Thursday 10 November 2016

Maus Intel

"CONCERNING: German tank Pz.Kpfw "MOUSE"
  1. The search by Team Number 7 for the "MOUSE" at Böblingen (Germany) was fruitless, however interrogating Karl FROHLICH, Director at the Böblingen complex has revealed that:
    1. The tank was built at Stuttgart in 1944
    2. A specimen was put together at Stuttgart in October, 1944
    3. Specimen was sent to Army Museum in Berlin
    4. Hull was built by Krupp
    5. Powerplant was an 1000 HP Daimler-Benz aviation engine
    6. Transmission built by Z.F. in Friedrichshafen 
    7. Electric equipment was from Siemens in Berlin
    8. Radio equipment was from Telefunken
    9. Miscellaneous equipment was built by F.A. Telekin
    10. A wooden model was at Krupp, Essen
    11. Assembly was made by F.A. Alkett in Berlin
    12. Two models were sent to Böblingen
    13. New engines were installed at Böblingen
    14. The models were then sent by rail to Berlin Wimsdorf or Kummersdorf
  2. All the plans for the "Mouse" were taken by two British Officers prior to Team 7's visit. No "Mouse" type vehicle currently exists at Böblingen.
Signed, Josset [...]"

Credit goes to Florin Moldovan for the document and the translation.

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