Thursday 17 November 2016

Second Freshness

"From: "Special Supply Orders"
170th Infantry Division, #49 issued on August 3rd, 1943

Feeding prisoners of war

There is reason to highlight Special Supply Order #26 section III. According to this paragraph, bread which is deemed unsuitable for consumption by the unit has to be given to the POW labour company in the 240 Sapper Battalion. If possible, transport the bread on the carts used for transporting firewood. The transfer can also take place at the lumber warehouse in Krasnoye Selo (road from the city towards Narva) or at food distribution centers.

Demand that the division intendant issue you a replacement, attaching a receipt issued by the POW labour company or food distribution unit.

Necessary slaughter of livestock

If it is necessary to slaughter livestock in units, then the veterinary officer is responsible for the question of the use of the meat. If the meat is deemed suitable for consumption by a sanitation inspection, it should be used in the unit within an 85% allowance or transported to other units through appropriate food organizations. Unsuitable meat is also given to the prisoners of war.

Chief of Staff"

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