Wednesday 23 November 2016

End of the T-43

"Summary of the review of the factory #183 T-43 proving grounds trials

  1. Experimental prototypes of the T-43 cannot be recommended for mass production for the following reasons:
    1. Insufficient firepower with the F-34 gun.
    2. Insufficient armour thickness in the front of the hull and the turret.
    3. Poor ratio of armour thickness between the front, sides, and read of the hull.
    4. Unreliable function of suspension elements of the tank (road wheels and drive wheels).
  2. GBTU will provide the NKTP with a draft of tactical-technical characteristics within five days. The NKTP will give its conclusions regarding the draft within 10 days.
Chief of the 6th Department of the GBTU TU, Engineer-Lieutenant-Colonel Solonin
Acting Chief of the NKTP Design Department, Usachev
Chairman of the T-43 trials commission, Guards Colonel Kulchitskiy (September 30th, 1943)
Senior Lead Engineer of the NKTP Design Department, Yurasov (September 29th, 1943)
Assistant to the Chief of the 6th Department of the GBTU TU, Rozengard (September 30th, 1943)

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