Thursday 3 November 2016

General Chirmen

Translation is not an easy field, and knowing a language is not enough if you are not also knowledgeable in the field. Otherwise, you get gems like this:

"It is necessary to know the characteristics of the following tanks: Russian tanks: T-60, T-70, KV-1. American tanks: 31-T General Chirmen."

It took me a few seconds to figure out what this was supposed to be, but thankfully the original wasn't too far away.

At least it's better than "35 ton tanks" we saw in a previous article.


  1. You browse the soviet archive of captured german documents:

    Please consider to make a correct announcement, which of the documents You use.

    1. Uh, it's kinda bloody obvious to anyone who reads the article. The part where the passage referred to as "the original" is *in German* somewhat gives it away...

  2. Omitting the reference to any used source represents a serious research mistake. Since the material in "Bestand 500" has been digitized and is openly accessible, it wouldn´t be too difficult to reference the information.

  3. Is there anything at all I can post that you won't complain about?

  4. I don´t complain. Of course, You are free to reject suggestions like this.