Thursday 8 June 2017

KV-1 Engine Compartment

Details of the famous Aberdeen test are still not fully available online, all we have are scraps and rumours. However, user Makarov from Tiger's Corner shared a little bit of it with us. These high resolution photos of the engine and transmission compartments are sure to delight any dedicated scale modeler.

Fans of the "JS" vs "IS" debate will also both certainly be shocked at the new name the tank received in this report: KB.


  1. Judging by the date, isn't this a KV? It would be understandable if "KB" was mistaken for English (or simply left out).

    1. It is English. These are American documents. There is no right or wrong translation between the cyrillic and roman alphabets. KV and KB are both correct translations of the same name.

    2. You can take your pick of transliteration standards, but none of them have В match to B.