Wednesday 28 June 2017

On the Way to the SU-122

"To factory #8 director comrade Fratkin
CC: Chairman of the NKV Technical Council, regional GAU KA engineer at factory #8, Engineer-Colonel Kascheev

RE: development of self propelled howitzers.

Regarding the issue of designing a 122 mm self propelled M-30 or U-11 howitzer on the T-34 chassis, in accordance with the NKTP, I report that:
  1. The turret platform of the T-34 tank can be extended to span the length of the hull, and the sloped sides can be placed vertically.
  2. The fuel tanks can be located in the engine compartment. As a last resort, the shape of the fuel tanks can be changed
  3. It is not permitted to change the hull of the T-34 tank or  the layout of the engine and transmission.
In addition, it is also necessary to consider the following:
  1. It is desirable to carry 50 rounds of ammunition on board, but mandatory to have at least 30.
  2. The increase in mass of the SPH must not be greater than 3% of the mass of the T-34.
  3. In both variants, the M-30 and U-11 oscillating parts must be used without changes. THe only changes permitted are in the parts that mount to the hull.
  4. The recoil mechanisms must be armoured, and the system must be balanced.
Due to the urgency of the issue of SPGs, I ask you to finish the development no later than June 15th with the aim of presenting the projects to the Artkom by June 20th for joint review by the NKV and NKTP.

Along with the 122 mm self propelled howitzer, I ask you to present the draft of the installation of the 152 mm ML-20 gun-howitzer into the KV-7 hull.

Deputy GAU Chief and Artillery Committee Chair, Major-General of Artillery Hohlov
GAU Military Commissar, Regimental Commissar Vasilyev"

CAMD RF 81-12038-90

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