Tuesday 20 June 2017

Torsion Bar Trials

"Methodology of Torsion Bar Trials

The trials were split into stages:
  • Motion trials of torsion bars.
  • Lab tests of materials (static and spring fatigue).
  • Lab static destruction tests of torsion bars (by twisting).
  • Analysis of various layouts of torsion bar suspensions and issues connected with them.
1. Motion trials of torsion bars

The Pioneer tractor and T-38 were used as test beds, both with torsion bars.
Pioneer tractor. Fig. 1: side view

Fig. 2: view from the front
Fig. 3: view from the rear

26 torsion bars of various brands, types, and production conditions (see Torsion Bars section, page 64) passed trials.

The motion trials were performed in winter and summer conditions. Ground: frozen fields in the winter (see fig. 19), road paved with large stones in the summer.

The terrain was picked in such a way that the torsion bars would be twisted to their limit as often as possible at the set speed (15-30 kph)."

Fig. 19. Pioneer tractor in winter conditions.


  1. Really wish there was more here!

    1. Unfortunately that is all they put up :( The RGANTD site is pretty bad for this, for example the SU-76 reliability trials page only has the trials schedule and not the results!