Monday 19 June 2017

KV Gun Upgrades

"The following work is necessary to perform trials of KV tank armament and improvement of blueprints:
  1. Install the F-34 gun instead of the F-32 gun into the KV-1 tank at factory #92 by March 1st, 1941.
    A commission composed of representatives from ChTZ, the Kirov factory, GABTU, and GAU must perform trials and approve blueprints by March 5th, 1941. Factory #92 received a KV tank with a 76 mm F-32 gun on February 2nd, 1941.
  2. Install the 107 mm F-42 gun instead of the M-10 gun into the KV-2 tank by May 1st, 1941. Perform trials and work on blueprints, presenting them to the NKO no later than May 15th, 1941. Factory #92 received a KV tank with a large turret on January 29th.
  3. Install the 76 mm F-34 gun into the KV-3 tank (with 90 mm of armour and mass production KV chassis) according to the Kirov factory designs.
    For this, the Kirov factory must present the Izhor factory with NKO approved blueprints by March 1st, 1941, for the turret to be built. The completed turret must be sent to factory #92 by April 1st, 1941. GABTU and GAU must finish their trials and approve blueprints by April 15th, 1941.
  4. Factory #92 must install the ZIS-5 gun (F-27 with AA ballistics) into the KV tank (experimental prototype with 90 mm and lengthened chassis).
    Kirov factory must deliver the turret of this tank by March 1st, 1941.
  5. Factory #92 must improve the 85 mm tank gun for the KV tank (100 mm armour T-220) in order to balance it.
    GABTU and GAU must perform trials of this gun at the Gorohovets proving grounds. The tank must be sent from the Kirov factory to factory #92.
    On the second KV (T-220) tank, factory #92 must install the 107 mm F-42 gun, for which the Kirov factory must immediately deliver the turret of this tank to factory #92. GABTU and GAU must perform trials and approve blueprints.
GABTU and GAU are responsible for the trials programs.

All aforementioned orders are done by factory #92 and Kirov factory in cooperation, supplying each other with necessary blueprints. 

I ask that comrade Yelyan and comrade Zaltsmann make the necessary orders for completion of all aforementioned work in time.

Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, Kulik
February 19th, 1941"

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