Tuesday 13 June 2017

Ultra Gun

The Department of Inventions was flooded with a great deal of proposals from the population, most of which received an answer similar to this one. However, a small fraction of the inventions were actually useful. Even if they were never implemented in metal, the USSR recognized the contributions of its citizens.

"To the Chief of the Central Planning Department of Inventions of the SNK

RE: Decision regarding the issue of a patent for claim #1582s

Having inspected the description, drawings, and all documents related to the request of citizen S.D. Bogoslovskiy, registered at the NKV under #1582s on April 23rd, 1942, under the title "Bicaliber barrel and shell, specially designed for an anti-tank gun", the Inventions Section of the Technical Council of the NKV decided to issue a patent for a gun barrel that fires "Ultra" shells with the following description:

"The gun barrel designed to fire "Ultra" shells distinguishes itself by being composed of several connected rifled sections of different calibers, connected by smooth conical sections, designed to squeeze the driving ribs of the shell when it passes from a larger caliber section to a smaller caliber section."

Acting Chief of the Inventions Section of the NKV Technical Council, Arzumanova
Senior Inventions Engineer, Yermakov"

Here's the text of the request:

"Gun barrel for firing "Ultra" shells

Bicaliber weapons with a barrel shaped like a truncated cone became popular for fighting enemy tanks. The production of such a barrel is very difficult.

The proposed barrel is simpler to produce and meets all requirements for weapons firing "Ultra" type shells.

Figs. 1 and 2 show the proposed barrel design and an "Ultra" shell.

The rifled section 1 of the barrel has a threaded connection with the rifled section 2, the channels of which are connected with rings 3 that have smooth conical channels to squeeze the ribs 4 of the shell 5 when it passes from barrel section 1 to barrel section 2, which has a smaller caliber."

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