Tuesday 14 August 2018

A-20 Production Status

"April 29th/May 4th, 1939

To the Chief of the Special Department of the NVKD GUGB of the USSR

RE: #4 04/12348

In response to your query, I reply that:
  1. The shape of the hull, armament, ammunition capacity, and cruising range of the A-20 tank have been approved by the Chief Military Council.
  2. The ABTU knows nothing about the design bureau's refusal to reduce the mass of assemblies and components of the A-20.
  3. The practical mass of the tank, robustness of the components, and accessibility will be determined in the coming months after the prototypes are built and tested.
  4. The factory has every ability to produce a prototype in the time span allotted by the government.
The Chief Engineer of the ABTU, Major Panov, is keeping track of production of the vehicles.

Chief of the ABTU, Corps Commander Pavlov
ABTU Military Commissar, Brigade Commissar Kulikov"

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