Tuesday 7 August 2018

Corps and Brigades

"Order of the People's Commissar of Defense #00106 on the Composition of Tank Units in Tank Corps and Tank Armies
May 29th, 1942
  1. To alter the present arrangement, reorganize the tank corps and tank armies as follows:
    1. Keep three tank brigades in a tank corps: one KV tank brigade numbering 32 KV tanks with 21 attached T-60 tanks and two T-34 brigades numbering 44 T-34 tanks each and 21 additional T-60 tanks, for a total of 183 tanks in a corps.
    2. In tank armies keep two tank corps described in part 1.1 of this order and one reserve tank brigade composed of 44 T-34 and 21 T-60 tanks, for a total of 431 tanks in a tank army.
  2. Independent tank brigades are to be composed of 8 KV tanks, 20 T-34 tanks, and 20 T-60 tanks.
  3. The Chief of the Main Armoured Directorate of the Red Army is instructed to propose a draft of the changes to the TO&E.
People's Commissar of Defense,
I. Stalin"

RGVA 4-11-67 p.137

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