Wednesday 22 August 2018


"To the Deputy Chief of the GAU, Lieutenant General of Artillery V.I. Hohlov
CC: Chief of the GABTU BTU, Engineer-Colonel Afonin
CC: Chairman of the NKV Technical Council, comrade Ye.A. Satel

February 27th, 1943

RE: development and production of an 85 mm tank gun for the installation into a KV tank.

In 1942, on factory #92's initiative, work on the development and production of one 85 mm tank gun began at the factory. TsAKB's further work plan, approved by the GAU, contains further development of this project and completion of a prototype. 

Factory #92 sent materials regarding this project to the Artillery Committee. The Artillery Committee requested additional materials, which were sent by factory #92. Letter #822229 dated January 7th, 1943, communicated to us via letter #118/s dated January 24th, 1943, from the NKV requested fitting 80 rounds of ammunition in the tank.

For further development of this project by the TsAKB, I ask of you to:
  1. Send tactical-technical requirements to the TsAKB.
  2. In order to keep track of all the latest changes to the design of the turret and fighting compartment and correctly answer questions connected with the installation of the gun system and the ammunition racks, give instructions to send the following to the TsAKB:
    1. Blueprints of the KV's turret and gun mantlet.
    2. Overall views of components, parts, and items necessary to determine the size of the fighting compartment given the presence of various devices and apparatuses, and also blueprints of the attachment of the 10-T telescopic sight and its control rods.
  3. Give orders to arrange for a working KV tank for the TsAKB of the latest type with a gun frame, mantlet, and fully equipped fighting compartment.
  4. Give orders to send one ZIS-5 gun without the barrel and breech.
Chief and Chief Designer of the TsAKB, Lieutenant-General of the Technical Forces, Grabin
Chief of the 18th Department, Renne"


  1. Was this to become the "KV-85G"? (85 mm gun in a slightly modified regular (i.e., too-small) KV-1S turret?

    1. Even earlier, the ZIS-25 was supposed to go into the KV-1 tank.