Thursday 30 August 2018

Mammoth Tank

"To the Commanders of Artillery of the 109th Guards Rifle Division and 86th Guards Rifle Division
Copy #2
To the Commander of the 92nd Guards Corps Artillery Regiment personally

New super-powerful "Mammoth" type tanks have arrived on the front lines and have been spotted near Shorakshar. The tanks are kept strictly secret. 

When "Mammoth" tanks are captured, it is necessary to keep them under extra guard to ensure the safety of their mechanisms and immediately report to the corps artillery HQ for subsequent evacuation to Moscow.

Commander of Artillery of the 10th Guards Rifle Corps, Guards Colonel Mihailov
Chief of Staff of Corps Artillery, Guards Major Ivanov
November 14th, 1944"


  1. Shorakshar = phonetic transcribe for Soroksár? (S of Budapest)

    I wonder what that could have been. It seems a bit late to shock and awe on Tiger IIs, if they were even in the area.

    1. Maybe the Jagdtigers which some records note fought in Budapest?