Thursday 2 August 2018


"Order of the People's Commissar of Defense #005
On the refreshing of materiel of one tank battalion in each tank brigade in the Far Eastern Front with T-34 tanks
March 19th, 1945

In order to renew the materiel of the Far Eastern Front, I order that the following be carried out:
  1. Re-arm the first tank battalion of each tank brigade on the Far Eastern Front with T-34 tanks according to TO&E #010/271 (21 T-34 tanks) or #010/346 (25 T-34 tanks).
  2. Old tanks, left over from re-arming of the first battalion, are to be left in the brigade's reserve.
  3. The Commander of the Armoured and Motorized Forces of the Red Army is to transfer 436 T-34 tanks with crews to the Commander of the Far Eastern Front with in order to perform re-armament. Of those:
    1. For the 12 tank brigades of the Primorye army group: 264 tanks from April 1st to April 30th, 1945.
    2. For the remaining 8 tank brigades: 172 tanks from April 15th to April 30th, 1945.
  4. Give the Chief of the General Staff necessary directions for transferring tanks to the Far Eastern Front.
People's Commissar of Defense,
Marshal of the Soviet Union,
I. Stalin."


  1. What tanks did they have before,BT-7s?

    1. BT-7s, T-26es, even T-37 and T-38 tanks.

    2. Nice open-air museum but then again the Japanese were busy down in China and hardly fielded anything more formidable anyway...