Wednesday 23 January 2019

Acceptance of the T-34-85

"State Committee of Defense Decree #4776ss
December 15th, 1943

On the production of the T-34-85 tank with an 85 mm gun at factory #112

The State Committee of Defense decrees:
  1. TheT-34-85 tank designed at factory #183 with the 85 mm gun designed at factory #9 built according to tactical-technical characteristics in attachment #1 is accepted into service with the Red Army.
  2. The People's Commissariat of Tank Production (comrade Malyshev) and director of factory #112 in Gorky (comrade Rubinchik) to organize production of the T-34-85 tank in the following amounts:
    1. In January of 1944: 25 units
    2. In February of 1944: 75 units
    3. In March of 1944: 150 units
      starting with April of 1944, completely switch to T-34-85 production instead of T-34 tanks."

"State Committee of Defense Decree #5020ss
January 23rd, 1944
Moscow, Kremlin

On the increase of production of T-34-85 tanks with an 85 mm gun and wider turret ring

In addition to (and partially altering) State Committee of Defense Decree #4873-ss issued on January 1st, 1944, the State Committee of Defense decrees that:

1. The People's Commissariat of Tank Production (comrade Malyshev) and directors of factory #183 (comrade Maksarev), Kirov factory (comrade Zaltsmann), and factory #112 (comrade Rubinchik) must produce T-34 tanks with an 85 mm gun, a 1600 mm turret ring, and a new turret matching the tactical-technical characteristics established by GOKO decree #4776ss issued on December 15th, 1943, in the following amounts:

Factory #112
All tanks must have an 85 mm gun and 1600 mm  turret ring
Factory #183


  1. About T-34-85 I must add that on many internet sources I see untruth ammo diagram of this tank. Many modern graphics show ammo mounted horizontally inside hull, on walls of battle compartment. Ammo diagram from Polish manual don't show this horizontally located ammo.

    Modern graphics:

    Polish manual graphics:

    1. This is why you can't trust random doodles from the internet. Every T-34-85 manual shows the correct storage diagram.

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    3. BTW, propably this ammo diagram, which was show on modern graphic, can't be used in T-34-85. On T-34-85 fuel tanks diagram, we can see dents in fuel tanks located on sides of battle compartment (pink dents in red fuel tanks on diagram- This dents was used because T-34-85 have bigger turret ring than T-34-76 (T-34-76 don't have this dents). And If we put ammo horizontally, inside hull, on sides of battle compartment, we make situation that fuel tanks dents is useless.

      I must add that in T-34-76 fuel tanks not interfere with turret ring "light". For comparision, in T-34-85 side fuel tanks interfere with turret ring "light". That's a reason that T-34-85 need dents. This is my graphic which explain T-34-85 layout-