Tuesday 22 January 2019

New Year, New Valentines

"December 30th, 1942

To the Deputy Chief of the GABTU, Major-General of the Tank Forces, comrade Korobkov

Our representatives in England say that 70 Valentine-9 tanks are being sent with the next caravan. The armament of these tanks is as follows:
  1. One 6-pounder gun with elevation of +15 degrees and depression of: forward and to the sides of 8 degrees 30 minutes, to the back 2 degrees 30 minutes. The tank holds 49 artillery shells. Only armour piercing shells are provided.
  2. Bren AA machinegun.
  3. Thompson SMG.
I ask you to give conclusions.

Deputy Chief of the NKVT Engineering Directorate, Colonel Khryaev"

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