Wednesday 2 January 2019

Substitute Standard

"To the Chief of the Main Department of Special Machinebuilding, comrade Surenyan
CC: Director of factory #183, comrade Maksarev
CC: Senior Military Representative at factory #183, Military Engineer 2nd Class Kozyrev

To complete the decree of the Committee of Defense of the Council of Commissars of the USSR #443/ss issued on December 19th, 1939, A-34 tanks will be produced with the L-11 gun and DT machinegun until the F-32 gun and DS machinegun are put into production.

At the same time, in order to begin production, I ask you to develop the mount for the F-32 gun and DS machinegun based on blueprints that were sent to the factory earlier. The tactical-technical characteristics of the F-32 gun mount are being sent to the factory.

Authorized representative of the Assistant of the Chief of the ABTU, Military Engineer 1st Class Korobkov
Autorized representative of the ABTU Military Commissar, Military Engineer 2nd Class Makarov
Authorized representative of the Chief of the 8th Department of the ABTU, Military Engineer 1st Class, Afonin

January 25th, 1940"

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