Thursday 24 January 2019

Radio Trucks

"To the People's Commissar of Defense, comrade I.V. Stalin
August 5th, 1941

I report on the execution of NKO order #0243s issued on July 23rd, 1941, on the issue of producing armoured carriers for Army (Front) radios and armouring of the divisional radio.
  1. The Stalin Automotive Factory (ZIS) developed and produced prototypes (models) of RAF type armoured carriers for Army (Front) radios. The radio is installed in two armoured carriers produced on the chassis of the ZIS-5 truck.
    The armoured carrier was approved by the GABTU and US for mass production on July 30th.
  2. The Podolsk Ordzhonikidze factory covered one prototype RSB type divisional radio in armour, which was approved for mass production by the GABTU and US on July 28th, 1941.
  3. Presently, neither the armoured carrier nor the armoured radio are put into production due to a lack of armour production base designated by the Central Plan.
Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, Lieutenant General of the Tank Forces, Fedorenko
Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, Peresypkin"

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