Monday 4 March 2019

Cessation of T-50 Production

"Order of the People's Commissar of Tank Production
January 7th, 1942

To carry out decree #1114ss issued by the State Committee of Defense on January 6th on the cessation of the production of the T-50 tank due to the organization of production of the T-60 tank, I order that:
  1. Factory #174 director, comrade Kantsellson, must:
    1. Cease production of the T-50 tank after using up all hulls and engines present at the factory.
    2. Immediately begin production of KV tank components for the Kirov factory, production of KV spare parts, and spare parts for the T-26 tank using dedicated tools.
    3. Preserve all special tools, instruments, stamps, technical documentation, etc. relevant to the T-50 tank.
  2. My deputy and the director of Kirov factory comrade Zaltsmann must, within a 3 day period, determine the type and number of spare parts for KV and T-26 tanks necessary for production at factory #174.
  3. The Chief of the Planning Department comrade Vasin must make the necessary changes in the plan of factory #174.
  4. Acting director of factory #173 in Omsk, comrade Shot, must:
    1. Cease preparation for T-50 tank production.
    2. Immediately begin production of parts for T-34 tanks for factory #183 and T-34 spare parts.
    3. Begin preparation for T-34 tank production.
      Present me a draft plan for starting up T-34 production within 5 days.
  5. Director of factory #174, comrade Maksarev, must:
    1. Immediately send production engineers, technologists, and designers to factory #173 for temporary and permanent placement for assistance with production of T-34 parts and components and for preparation for T-34 tank production.
    2. Immediately send all necessary technical documentation relevant to T-34 production to factory #173.
    3. Jointly with comrade Shor, within five days, determine the necessary T-34 parts and components that need to be produced at factory #173, both for factory #183 and spare parts for January-March.
  6. Director of Saratov factory #180, comrade Suvorov, must:
    1. Cease production of T-50 tank hulls, completing the tank hulls that are already at the factory.
    2. Preserve equipment for producing T-50 tank hulls.
    3. Immediately begin preparations for organizing production of T-60 tank hulls for factory #264 and production of individual T-34 components to aid factory #264.
  7. My deputy and acting director of factory #264 must:
    1. Immediately send all technical documentation for T-60 tank hull production and individual T-34 armoured components to factory #180.
    2. Transfer existing equipment for production of T-60 hulls and some staff to factory #180.
    3. Jointly with comrades Sherbakov and Suvorov establish the deadlines for starting up T-60 hull production and send me plans for January-March.
  8. My deputy, comrade Nosenko, must establish constant control over the conversion of factories ## 174, 173, and 180, and establish deadlines for starting new production.
People's Commissar of Tank Production, V. Malyshev"

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