Monday 11 March 2019

Weak Spots 2

I posted a pretty large collection of flyers showing weak spots of enemy tanks before, but here are a couple more.

First, the Pz38(t).

The symbols are the same: a target with an arrow shows where to throw Molotov cocktails, a target with a bullet shows where to hit the tank with an armour piercing bullet or anti-tank grenade.

The image was included on the back cover of a propaganda booklet, which was generously shared here.

A better illustrated guide on where to hit the PzI than the one I had before, which also gives the armour thickness and other basic information.

I posted the PzII guide before, but only the front of it, this image shows where to hit the tank from the back as well.

Captured French tanks also get the same treatment (this one doesn't believe in such nuances and calls it a "German tank R-35".

Same for the SOMUA R 35.

German armoured cars were included as well. This is a "Horch-1" (Russian name for the Sd.Kfz.221).  

These ones have additional icons. The dense target indicates areas where you should aim rifle and machinegun fire. The cloud with splinters coming out of it instructs you to throw a regular infantry grenade. As you can probably guess, rifle fire is used to blind the turret crew and driver, grenades are used to take out the wheels and the crew (if you can get it into the turret) and anything armour piercing should be aimed at the engine to be most effective.

The same data is available for the "Horch-2", the Sd.Kfz.222.

Via vif2ne.

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