Thursday 7 March 2019

IS-2 Resilience

The IS-2 tank debuted in early 1944, and, judging by collected combat experience, still enjoyed relative immunity on the battlefield until the end of the year, both against enemy tanks and anti-tank weapons.

"The resilience of IS-2 armour allows it to openly engage enemy heavy tanks at a range of 1000 m. Irreparable losses only happen as a result of combat with enemy heavy tanks in ambush at a range of 300-400 meters. There were no losses from Panzerfausts, only minor damage (road wheels, suspension arms, tracks."

Via Andrei Ulanov.


  1. "Early 1943?" Shouldn't that be 'early 1944'?

    Also I am thinking the 'until the end of the year' means what? (Assuming the above is a misprint and 1944 is right). The introduction of the German 128 mm? The Kwk43 being present in larger numbers? (It had been on the Nashorn and Ferdinand in 1943, but in small numbers).

    1. You're correct, that should be 1944. This report was written at the end of the year.