Thursday 28 March 2019

Financial Gratitude

One of the biggest issues with T-34 production was the use of new austenitic electrodes, which welders were not skilled at working with. A group of instructors from the NII-48 research institute had to be dispatched to teach them how to work this this new type of welding, which radically reduced the amount of defective armour components.

"March 19th, 1941

To the Chief of the 3rd Department of the NKSP, comrade Yushin
Director of NII-48, comrade A.S. Zayalov

Workers from the 3rd department of the NII-48 resolved a series of issues, which radically increased the quality of armour (austenitic electrodes, repair of armour, welding of thick armour, assistance to factories) by travelling to Podolsk factory and factory #183 to assist in mastering welding of armoured pats.

The issue of cracks on T-34s is nearly resolved, as the appearance of them has radically decreased or is completely gone, depending on the part.

I consider it possible to ask you to issue funds to the director of NII-48 for awarding to workers of the 3rd department.

GABTU BTU Chief, Military Engineer 1st Class, Korobkov
BTU 3rd Derpartment Chief, Military Engineer 1st Class, Afonin"

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