Thursday 21 March 2019

Up, Up, and Away!

"To director of factory #183, comrade Lyash
CC: ABTU Chief, comrade Bokis
NKOP Secretariat Chief, comrade Kryukov

We send you tactical-technical specifications based on the personal orders of the People's Commissar of Defense, Marshal of the Soviet Union, comrade K.E. Voroshilov and People's Commissar of Defense Industry, comrade M.L. Ruhimovich, for the experimental BT-7-B-IS tank that is capable of city fighting.

You are instructed to immediately design the following draft projects:
  1. 45 mm gun mount for the BT-7 tank with up to 70 degrees of gun elevation.
  2. 76 mm gun mount for the BT-7-B-IS tank with up to 70 degrees of gun elevation.
  3. 76 mm gun mount for the large turret of the T-35 tank with up to 70 degrees of gun elevation.
Work closely from the start with the AU on the artillery part of the system and with the ABTU on the technical aspects of the vehicle.

This work must be performed in the shortest time possible, even if it results in delays of other work.

Inform the Central Committee of all of your thoughts, plans for work, schedules, and responsible personnel within five days. In case the plan for experimental work you are assigned needs to be adjusted in connection with this task, immediately send a representative to the Central Committee for negotiations.

The Central Committee expects you to send a progress report every ten days as of July 1st.

Deputy Chief of the 6th Directorate of the NKOP, Farmanyants
June 20th, 1937"

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