Sunday 27 October 2013

76 mm AP

For fans of shells, blueprints, and very, very large images, I present blueprint #2-03545: "76 mm armour piercing shell (standard)".


  1. Looks like an AP round with ballistic cap.

    But why does the internal appear similar to an APDS round?

  2. It doesn't look anything like an APDS round. It is the BR-350A round. The ballistic cap was to cover its big blunt head that supposedly broke at the neck and helped it penetrate sloped armor better than the ogive design. It might not of worked all that well as the German tanks at the time had mostly vertical armor. It was supplanted by the BR-350B round.

  3. You may be confused by the explosive filler - it does make it look like a hard-cored round at first glance

    1. I'm actually more confused by the internal cap. I know for sure this is an AP round with ballistic cap (APCBC). Anyway, thanks you both for clarification.