Friday 25 October 2013

Guns Guns Guns

My search of tank archive materials, unsurprisingly, has led me to accumulate a sizeable amount of firearms related materials are well. Since I hate to see good documents go to waste, I've been somewhat blurring the scope of "tank archives" recently, as well as translating documents for the military surplus thread at the Something Awful forums.

Over only 8 months, this blog has grown from a time waster to win arguments on the internet to a pretty serious resource with thousands of readers per day. Since I don't have nearly as many sources pertaining to firearms or an internet forum full of huge flame wars to generate traffic loyal audience, the other blog might not grow quite as much or update as often, but I hope it will be just as interesting.

Without further ado, Soviet Gun Archives!


  1. Tanks AND Guns to of my favorite things.

    Now a site dedicated to ww2 paintings of women on army vehicles and we got that covered to.

  2. Small arms are my specialty. If you need any context or other information, hit me up on the forums.