Thursday 10 October 2013

T-34 with a Twist

At first glance, this is a perfectly regular photograph. Three Red Guardsmen are posing on a Lend-Lease motorcycle. That part isn't interesting (to me, at least), but there are all sorts of things relevant to this blog in the background. They are covered in tarps, but the most interesting part is still showing. See if you can spot it!

Another, similar tank. Also a T-34-85. At least, most of it is. Aside from a mix of early war and late war road wheels, this particular tank has another source of parts. The second road wheel is clearly borrowed from a Panther tank. On the first photo, it is less clear, but the three middle road wheels are also from a Panther.

Here is another, more obvious "borrowed" part. As before, the foreground T-34-76 is perfectly ordinary tank, but the T-34-85 in the background is something special: it has skirt armour from a PzIV on it.


  1. Amazing the stuff you can do with a hammer.

    1. Add a sickle and everything is possible