Wednesday 16 October 2013

Allied Tank Identification

Seems like a pretty standard report. The 296th Infantry Division spotted three new American tanks being used by the Soviets. Let's take a look at these three new tanks.

No mystery here, those are the Stuart (Soviet designation M3 light) and Lee (M3 medium). Seems pretty normal so far, as the Soviets started receiving Lees and Stuarts in 1942. What's the third tank, you may ask? A reasonable guess would be the M4 Sherman, but reality isn't quite as reasonable.

It's a T-60! Sorry, comrade Astrov, looks like your work goes unappreciated. 

The Germans also came up with an amusing way to help their soldiers identify Allied tanks.

Food! A Valentine's turret is shaped like a pie, a KV-1's turret is shaped like a Bundt cake, a Sherman turret is shaped like a Melon (or a Jewish hat), and the Cruiser III's turret is shaped like a mushroom. 


  1. Honey! Can you make some tank turrets for a dinner?

  2. The third is almost definitely not meant as "Melone" the fruit, but "Melone" as in the German word for Bowler Hat.

  3. Pancake tanks !

  4. Surprised they mistook T-60 for an American design. It really doesn't look very American. Like, at all.

    1. Maybe because it looked like an offspring of M3 and M4?