Sunday 6 October 2013

Finnish Impressions of the T-34

Almost everyone that looked into WWII has read the German impressions of the T-34. A much less explored topic is what the Finns thought of them. Here is an excerpt from a report on the combat actions of the Finnish 10.D at Räisälä (now Melnikovo).

"The men of II/JR 2 were surprised by new 27-ton tanks, none of which were knocked out by our anti-tank guns. They effortlessly passed through our defensive lines, and destroyed several cars and horses with their gunfire. At the clearing at Julya-Vorne, one of the tanks turned around and came back on the same road, further ignoring AT gunfire and Kasapanos mines. After (August 14th), one of these tanks was destroyed, and another broke down, and was captured intact. It was then discovered that these new tanks were T-34s, covered everywhere by thick and reliable sloped armour plates. When the tank was closely examined, 105 dents from anti-tank guns were found. Only two or three shells hit between the wheels and penetrated the armour behind them, as a result of which the tank caught fire and was destroyed."

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  1. For those who don't know it, Kasapanos means satchel charge.