Sunday 9 August 2015

End of the T-50

Remember when Fedorenko ordered 5000 T-50s, starting production on January 1st, 1942? That didn't last long.

"State Committee of Defense
Decree #GKO-1114ss
January 6th, 1942, Moscow, Kremlin

On T-50 tanks.

The State Committee of Defense decrees that:
  1. Cease production of T-50 tanks due to the production of T-60 tanks with 35 mm of armour.
  2. Allow the NKTP to:
    1. Begin production of KV components for the Kirov factory at factory #174 in Chkalov.
    2. Begin production of T-34 components for factory #183 in Nizhniy Tagil at the Omsk locomotive repair factory in order to prepare the Omsk factory for T-34 production.
NKTP (comrade Malyshev) has ten days to provide a proposal of starting T-34 production at the Omsk factory.

Chair of the State Committee of Defense, I. Stalin"

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