Wednesday 5 August 2015

QA Conditions

"Attachment to GKO decree #1148ss, January 14th, 1942
Top Secret

Conditions for acceptance of tanks at tank factories
  1. The acceptance testing is performed by the GABTU Military Representative.
  2. A tank can only be accepted after the gun and machineguns are fired, the tank runs through an acceptance course, and all defects discovered in the tank are corrected. 
  3. The tank acceptance procedure consists of:
    1. Running an acceptance course, 5 km for every T-34 and KV tank and 10 km for every tenth T-60 tank, as selected by the military representative.
    2. Test-firing of the gun on each tenth KV and T-34 tank and on each T-60 tank, and test-firing of the coaxial machinegun on each tank.
      Additionally, the military representative assures the quality of individual components and parts, as well as the quality of assembly.
  4. The military representative is allowed to accept tanks without a clock, voltmeters and ammeters (replaced by an indicator light), speedometers, aerothermometers (all except one), turret fans (in the winter), turret traverse mechanisms for T-34 tanks, intercom (replaced by an indicator light), spare fuel tanks, and radios, in the event that these items are absent at the tank factory."

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