Thursday 27 August 2015

Repair Rewards

I already wrote about the rewards given out for destroying enemy tanks in battle, but what about poor sods that also put their lives at risk evacuating tanks from the battlefield, don't they get to see a nice bonus? Turns out, they did. A GOKO decree issued them some pretty tangible rewards.

"20. Establish a monetary award for crews of tanks or evac groups for each tank retrieved from enemy or neutral territory: 5000 rubles for a KV tank, 2000 rubles for a T-34, 500 rubles for a T-70 or T-60.

21. GABTU may issue monetary awards to evacuation companies for evacuation of tanks in need of repairs to army collection yards, in the following amounts:
  1. No less than 10 medium and heavy tanks or 50 light tanks within 10 days: 2000 rubles.
  2. No less than 15 medium and heavy tanks or 75 light tanks within 10 days: 3000 rubles.
  3. No less than 20 medium and heavy tanks or 100 light tanks within 10 days: 5000 rubles."
As you can see, recovery of domestic tanks was valued much more greatly than the destruction of enemy ones, as far as the wallet is concerned.

The workers labouring in the rear could also get a reward if they did their job well enough. If major repairs of vehicles exceeded the norm, the reward is 20% of the excess cost for repairs of vehicles and 10% of the excess for the repairs of the parts. If more than 34% of the quota is consistently achieved, the reward goes up to 25% for vehicles and 12% for parts. However, an opposite harsher rule existed as well. If your repair base did not meet quota, a fine for double of the missed quota's value will be issued. If past month exceeds quota and the current month is below quota, the awards or penalties are calculated as an average of the two months. The percentage of the awards that goes to management can only be up to 5% of the current month's award funds, the lion's share must go to the workers. If repaired parts or vehicles are returned to the base, management is not eligible to any awards at all.

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