Wednesday 12 August 2015

Leningrad SPGs

Remember the SPG on the T-26 chassis that showed up on the Leningrad Front? For the sake of convenience, it was referred to as SU-26, but it turns out that's not the real name at all, nor was it a wartime improvisation.

Order of the Red Banner Voroshilov factory #174
Department #1
June 3rd, 1941

To the factory director

I ask you to order the Planning Department to begin preliminary development of the following:
  1. SU-51: ZiS-4 gun on the T-50 chassis.
  2. SU-52: AA SPG on the T-50 chassis.
  3. T-26-6: SPG with a KT-28 gun on the T-26 chassis.
    This work is to be done on the orders of Marshall of the Soviet Union, comrade Kulik
  4. T-26-8: AA SPG on the T-26 chassis.
    The project is open, but no work has been done."
Here are the SPGs being assembled.

"Tank assembly in a plant inside the S. M. Kirov Factory"


  1. In War Thunder, there is a tank called the T-26-4 that fits the description of the T-26-6 here. How are they different?

    1. The T-26-4 was a pre-war project with a proper turret, where the KT-28 was just a temporary gun choice. This is an improvised four-face "turret". This vehicle is in World of Tanks, there it is called SU-26.