Tuesday 3 November 2015

85 mm Gun Trials

A while ago I wrote about trials of 85 mm guns in the T-34-76 turret. While I don't have the documents of the trials themselves, I finally at least have the result.

"To the Chair of the State Committee of Defence, comrade I.V. Stalin

According to your direction, trials of 85 mm tank guns designed by TsAKB (comrade Grabin) and factory #92 were performed.

The TsAKB gun (designed by comrade Grabin) installed in a T-34 with a regular turret ring passed trials with insignificant defects which can be resolved in production. The gun designed at factory #92 did not pass trials.

Comrades Malyshev, Ustinov, Yakovlev, and Fedorenko were present at the trials.

The state commission recommends that the 85 mm tank gun designed by comrade Grabin be accepted into service. The act on testing the guns will be submitted separately.

We ask for your permission.

L. Beriya
V. Malyshev
D. Ustinov
N. Yakovlev
Y. Fedorenko
December 31st, 1943"

RGASPI 644-2-255

The gun was officially indexed "85 mm tank gun model 1944 (S-53)" and entered production, but was installed in the larger 3-man turret with an enlarged turret ring instead of the old T-34 hexagonal turret.

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