Wednesday 4 November 2015

First Panzerfausts

"To the commander of artillery of the 30th Guards Infantry Corps

Letter #52293s. December 29th, 1943

New types of rocket propelled thermite HEAT grenades were discovered on the 2nd Ukrainian Front. A description of these grenades was sent to you earlier.

Give orders to all intelligence units regarding this issue. If these grenades or documents regarding them are discovered, immediately report to the army artillery HQ.

42nd Army Artillery HQ Chief, Lieutenant-Colonel Frenkel
Reconnaissance chief, Major Gambeev."

"To artillery chiefs of corps, divisions, and artillery regiments

Engineering units of the 2nd Ukrainian Front discovered new German rocket propelled thermite HEAT grenades. The grenade is filled with compressed explosives. The rear of the grenade is inserted into a metal tube and can be fired to a distance of 150-200 meters. The length of the tube is 800 mm, diameter is 36 mm, the walls of the tube are about 2 mm thick. Two grenades of this type were found that were 130 mm in diameter, three grenades that were 300 mm long and 30 mm in diameter, with an 840 mm long tube.

Give all scouts orders to work on this issue, interrogate prisoners and capture documents regarding this device. Discover the exact purpose of these grenades and the method of firing them.

61st Army Artillery HQ Chief, Guards Colonel Lazarev
61st Army Reconnaissance Unit Chief, Guards Major Govorov."

Via altyn73.

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