Wednesday 25 November 2015

T-34 Tractor Decree

"State Committee of Defense Decree #5568s
April 8th, 1944
Moscow, Kremlin
  1. Allow the commander of Amoured and Mechanized Forces (comrade Fedorenco) to organize, beginning in April of 1944, production of tractors on the T-34 chassis at tank repair factories, with a quota of 50 per month.
  2. Use T-34 tanks that are submitted for major repairs with irreparable damage to the turret and armament to build tractors.
  3. T-34 tractors should be assembled and supplied according to T-34 blueprints approved by GBTU, without a turret or armament (with the exception of the radio operator's machinegun). The tractors must have a commander's cupola, installed in the roof of the fighting compartment.
  4. Conversion of T-34 tanks is done under the quota established by GOKO for the Chief Directorate of Tank Repair for tanks.
Deputy Chair of the State Committee of Defense
V. Molotov"


  1. I think I've seen pictures of these before, but why is it they were never mass produced? (Not these specifically, but any type of T-34 based tractor. It's not like by the end of the way they needed the hulls for anything much. You can't really mass produce something converted from battle damage.)

    1. I think because they decided to convert those T-34s into SU-100s.