Monday 2 November 2015

Fate of Baryshev's Tank

The unsung hero of Baryshev's raid, his PzIII tank, met its end during that same year.

"To the commander of armoured forces of the 6th Army
CC: commander of the 327th Infantry Division

Combat report #228 from the 107th Independent Tank Battalion HQ
1.5 km east of marker 57.1, 16:00, August 28th, 1942, Map 1:50000
  1. As a result of combat on August 27th, 1st and 2nd company delivered significant damage to the enemy. The tanks destroyed: 15 dugouts, 4 infantry cannons, a mortar battery, 3 AT guns, 2 transports with ammunition, one tank, one armoured car, a wheeled car, and many enemy soldiers and machineguns.
  2. Tanks suppressed the front line of defense, reached lake Dolgoye and marker 48.6.
  3. Problems were encountered with supplies of ammunition, fuel, and lubricant. Delivery is complicated by a lack of roads. Delivery by horse is too time consuming.
  4. By 8:00, the vehicles were fully stocked with ammunition. There is no aircraft oil in the battalion, all vehicles need oil.
  5. Losses for the day:
    1. One KV burned up, fate of the crew is unknown.
    2. One KV hit a mine near lake Dolgoye.
    3. One T-34 had its drive wheel torn off by a sell.
    4. One PzIII burned up on the battlefield.
    5. One PzIV burned up on the battlefield.
    6. Two StuGs burned up on German territory.
    7. Two PzIIIs were knocked out, but towed back, currently being repaired.
      Personnel losses:
    1. Killed:
      1. Officers: 2
      2. NCOs: 5
      3. Privates: 1
    2. Wounded:
      1. Officers: 4
      2. NCOs: 7
      3. Privates: 1
        Total losses are 20 men, not counting Lieutenant Kuzmichyev's missing crew.
  6. At 14:10, on August 28th, 1942, two T-34s commanded by Senior Lieutenant Shigoran were sent out to suppress enemy strongholds south of the resort which is west of Voronovo, and provide support for infantry. Infantry reports that the tanks are working well.
  7. In order to complete its objectives, the battalion needs additional tanks.
  8. I ask to use the battalion for only one purpose, to support the 327th Infantry Division, and retrieve the remainder of the battalion from the mountain infantry brigade."

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