Wednesday 14 August 2019

Burn Before Reading

Translation from German

9th Army HQ
Intelligence department, counterintelligence division
#653743 Secret

Army HQ July 29th, 1943

Re: Operation Citadel

All documents relevant to Operation Citadel are especially valuable to the enemy even now. Because of this, all documents of the corps and division must be completely and thoroughly destroyed without exception. Report on the execution of this order by August 3rd, 1943. Copies of documents that are not destroyed are to be handed over to rear line organizations. Division HQs must surrender their documents to Corps HQs, which will take on the task of sending the documents to the appropriate locations in the far rear.

Army Chief of Staff

238th Infantry Division
Intelligence department
#586/43 Secret
July 31st, 1943
Execute by August 3rd 12:00

Spread the attached copy for further distribution. The due date of destroying documents in the regiment is 9:00 on August 3rd. Notify in advance by telephone or in writing through a courier.

After destruction, destroy the orders immediately."

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