Tuesday 20 August 2019

Night Fighters

"572 sorties were carried out this month. Of those, the machineguns were fired in 134 sorties. Firing was done from a height of 300-500 meters, from a distance of 700-1000 meters. Targets included columns of vehicles, strongholds, personnel, and enemy vehicles in settlements and on roads.

As a result of the assault, the following damage was done to the enemy, based on the crews' reports:
  • Fires started: 1
  • Strongholds suppressed: 3
  • Vehicles destroyed: 1
The following amount of ammunition was consumed:

Rounds fired
Rounds per sortie
Activity of "hunter" fighters against our communications aircraft was recorded during the day. 4 U-2 aircraft were lost during the day from enemy aircraft and 1 U-2 was lost from AA fire.

Me-109 and FW-190 fighters penetrate our territory to a distance of 80-100 km in search of communications aircraft. They fly at 10-15 meters and rise to 300-400 meters to attack, diving from the rear or front. They usually fire from 100-150 meters. If the U-2 lands, it is attacked on the ground until it is destroyed completely. Crews that left the airplane are also shot at."


  1. Just to be clear the first part was about Russian U-2 bi plane night fighters and their results and the second part was the German response.