Monday 26 August 2019

V-2 Woes

"February 1st, 1939
To Military Representative at factory #183, Military Engineer 2nd Class, Comrade Fedorov

A telegram received from your deputy, comrade Kolesnik, and a message Military Engineer 2nd Class comrade Shukarev suggest that development of the V-2 engine at department 400 is in a completely unacceptable state.

All deadlines in development of the V-2 engine have been missed. State trials scheduled at the beginning of February have also been missed.

The chief engineer, comrade Chupahin, took advantage of the change in management and is trying to switch development to a new type of diesel engine, abandoning the V-2. In practice, this has already been done. Most of the department's workers have been removed from the project and moved to designing a new engine. Essentially, they are doing no useful work, while V-2 development is lacking people.

Chief Technologist comrade Kritsin is also involved in policies that slow down V-2 engine development.

This state of affairs at the factory is unacceptable. Judging by these events, the work of military representatives at the factory is limited to recording the situation and sending urgent telegrams to the ABTU. During your visit to the ABTU in January of 1939, you received directions that it is necessary to radically change your treatment of the responsibilities that you were given.

The best evidence of a change in your treatment of your responsibilities and your job will be the improvement of the state of V-2 development and urgent creation of a working engine.

To aid you, Military Engineer 3rd Class comrade Lavrushenkov is being sent to the factory. Necessary measures are also being taken in Moscow.

We remind you that your main objective is to firmly ensure that the factory follows the path tha will lead to urgent creation of a workable tank diesel engine.

Assistant Chief of the ABTU, Military Engineer 1st Class, Korobkov
Military Commissar of the ABTU, Brigade Commissar Kulikov"

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