Thursday 29 August 2019

Waste Not, Want Not

"16th Motorized Infantry Division
Unit 1-b
Division HQ, September 1st, 1941

Special supply order #29

Dual shields for anti-tank guns

Shields of Russian anti-tank guns can be easily adapted for German anti-tank guns. All captured Russian anti-tank guns that cannot be repaired for use in the German army to replace knocked out guns should have their shields removed and attached on top of German gun shields.

Platoon gunsmiths and company repair workshops can take on the work.

On behalf of the division commander, 1st officer of the General Staff IV"

Via photonoid.


  1. Why Germans wrote on Russian ? Or i missed contex of document ?

    1. The document comes from fond 500, where captured German documents were held. Many of them were translated into Russian.

    2. Thanks for the clarification. i was confused by the original article as well with the photo of the Russian text.