Sunday 28 September 2014

Charnko-Komaritskiy 57 mm Anti-tank Gun

"To the deputy chief of the GAU KA and the chair of the Artkom, Major-General of Artillery, comrade Hohlov

On the issue of: 57 mm Charnko-Komaritskiy AT gun

According to the orders of the Technical Department of the NKV and the wishes of the GAU KA chief, Colonel-General Yakovlev and the MK and MGK VKP(b) secretary comrade Sherbakov stated when demonstrating the 37 mm AT gun at OKB-46, the latter designed a 57 mm anti-tank gun based on the Charnko-Komaritskiy principle with the following characteristics.
  1. Caliber: 57 mm
  2. Shell mass: 3.14 kg
  3. Muzzle velocity: 950 m/s
  4. Bore axis height: 550 mm
  5. Horizontal range: 360 degrees
  6. Vertical range: from +20 to -5 degrees
  7. Mass: 550 kg
  8. Rate of fire: 20 RPM
  9. Breech: sliding, semi-automatic
  10. Mount: sprung, maximum movement speed 70 kph
The project is scheduled for completion on August 1st of this year. I ask you to notify the Technical Council of the NKV of Artkom's data on the 57 mm Charnko-Komaritskiy AT gun.

Deputy Chair of the NKV Technical Council, Gostev
July 8th, 1942"

CAMD RF 81-12038-53

The 360 degree mount made the gun perfect for use in a turreted tank destroyer.


  1. What exactly was the "Charnko-Komaritskiy principle"?


    2. It's a recoil brake principle, combining friction and hydraulics. It's placed in that weird box you see around the barrel.

  2. What vehicle is that on the picture? Got more Info? Gave me a well read!

    1. ChKT-S1 airborne vehicle for the gun, sadly never built and there isn't much written about it. Although apparently that gun mount could also go on a Willis jeep. Beats a .30 cal!