Sunday 21 September 2014

Turret Mortars

Rockets aren't the only way to boost the KV's firepower!

"Description of the KV tank mortar

In order to increase the firepower of the tank, I think it is conceivable to install a mortar system on the turret, consisting of two pairs of specially designed mortars. These mortars can be used for creating smokescreens or other tasks. Installing these mortars will not require any special modifications, and can be done on both welded and cast turrets.

  1. The mortars are paired to provide higher density of fire.
  2. A special clutch allows for loading without leaving the turret.
  3. The angle of elevation is constant. Changing range is done by changing the amount of gas vented from the launcher, controlled by a valve.
  4. The lower (and side) carrier is rigid.
  5. A shot is performed by pressing a trigger type mechanism or another device, controlled by the gunner or commander.
  6. Horizontal aiming is performed using the tank sights, with which the mortars are aligned.
  7. Vertical aiming is performed by the loader using the gas valve. The mortars are positioned such that the two shells will land in a fork of the desired size. Gases are vented externally.
  8. The mortar is simple and easy to manufacture.
  9. The mortar fires standard mortar shells.
Individual design elements
  1. The clutch should allow the shell to fly straight, and, at the same time, allow for loading from within the turret. Three return springs allow the clutch to return to its initial position after loading.
  2. The gas valve can be of any design, including the screw type, shown in the sketch.
  3. The trigger device can be done like on the 50 mm mod. 1936 mortar. The trigger will fire two barrels simultaneously. Make the trigger a lever type, with a flexible shaft, on the wall next to the gunner or commander.
Other design issues are trivial and will be resolved during the production process.

July 3rd, 1942
Politruk G.E. Vlasenko"

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